What Is MPLS Green?

MPLSGreen.com founder Mikki Morrissette describes the mission of MPLS Green at the 2015 Conscious Living Expo

MPLSGreen.com and the affiliated “Sustainable We” forums are part of an independent citywide campaign to offer deeper discussion with resident experts and innovators about best practices in Energy, Waste, Toxins and Design.

The mission: to build awareness of the positive collective impact of our interlocking efforts in cleaner garbage, renewable energy, local food and smart design, as well as to point out where improvements are needed.

Ways to be involved with this new movement:

We have fun plans! Please be part of it!

Mikki Morrissette, founder, MPLSGreen.com

Minneapolis: A Smart, Sustainable City in Development

Hundreds of dedicated individuals have brought us Nice Ride, more generous bike paths, co-mingled recycling, composting, short-term car rentals, community gardens, farmer’s markets with local produce, and much more. More of us are using hybrid cars, installing solar panels on homes, and investing in wind energy. Business owners are starting to focus on sustainable practices. Zero-waste events are more plentiful and the City is creating a plan to increase recycling and composting rates to 50 percent of waste by 2020.