10 Steps for Sustainable Living

Introducing the vision of implementing sustainability habits in 10 days, and the experts at a recent MPLS Green forum

IMG_3844Our neighborhoods… our communities… our cities… our country…. our planet is interconnected. We can’t take one step without affecting another. In a similar vein, every step we take can make a positive impact on something else.

Here are 10 interconnected pieces of the sustainability puzzle that Minneapolis experts (Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, Russ Henry, Libby Wyrum, Johnnie Schmidt, and 11-year-old Dylan M.) talked about at the Conscious Living Expo at Lake Harriet Spiritual Center on April 4, 2015.

  1. Plant for Pollinators – bees and other pollinators are vital to our food supply, take a day this spring to plant consciously in your backyard… here’s how and why.
  2. Join the Pollinator Pledge – join the campaign to urge all community solar garden developers to plant for pollinators around their panels. It will take 5 minutes to join.
  3. Support the Community of Solar Gardens — participate in bringing the cost savings of solar within the reach of residents concerned about energy affordability. Learn more about solar garden collectives here.
  4. Support the Community of farmer’s markets — the local food shed is crucial for community sustainability… farmer’s markets are not simply quaint fun places to gather one day each week. Learn more here.
  5. Support the Community of urban farming – join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) team, and support Minneapolis Homegrown Food Council efforts to improve land-use access for diverse Minneapolis communities. Learn more here.
  6. Stay away from chemicals and use natural methods to enhance soil, which creates much more robust – as well as sustainable — gardens: consider bio-char and understand the value of compost.
  7. Plant a stronger garden, not grass. Learn more about it at Giving Tree Gardens. Consider using simple seed bombs.
  1. Host a DIY weatherization training house party — or contribute toward bringing services to lower-income communities.
  2. Shop the innovative Linden Hills farmer’s market, Sundays starting May 17; affiliate pop-up markets have started.
  3. Subscribe to MPLSGreen.com for occasional digests of ongoing best practices from Minneapolis experts about homegrown foods, renewable energy and cleaner garbage.



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