A Progressive St. Paul Stadium

CHS FieldThe minor-league St. Paul Saints baseball franchise — which opens in its new CHS Field on June 5, 2015 — is a major-league stadium when it comes to sustainability.

According to GreenBiz.com, it is the first sports venue to meet Minnesota’s B3 Sustainable Building 2030 Energy Standards, “an energy conservation program designed to significantly reduce the energy and carbon in [the state’s] commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.”

Kudos to the Saints franchise, and builder and real estate manager Ryan Companies, for:

  • transforming a site that was once among the 10 most contaminated brownfield sites in the Twin Cities (land contaminated with hazardous waste and/or pollution);
  • becoming the first major sports venue to reuse rainwater for field irrigation;
  • reusing nearly all of the former Gillette warehouse building to construct CHS Field;
  • using District Energy St. Paul’s system for heating and cooling loads, which are about 35 percent more efficient than traditional grid supply;
  • using solar energy for a 100kW solar system that supplies 12.5 percent of the ballpark’s power;
  • including a raingarden on site.

One question we don’t know the answer to: Are the vendors helping to make it a zero-waste event space?


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