Shop Farmer’s Markets, Buy CSA… and Why

by Mikki Morrissette, founder, MPLSGreen

I had an epiphany moment recently, reading a Bill McKibben book, when I finally snapped my eyes open to the impact of climate change. I care about many things in the world, and consequently, I had largely left this issue on the backburner. Others, I knew, were doing more than I had time for. I already was reducing light use, installing low-volume faucets, recycling and now composting. Truly, I believed, I was part of the solution.

But then, I read McKibben’s 2010 book, Eaarth. And finally came to the table, discovering there was an important piece of the interconnected puzzle that I easily could — and should — participate in: Supporting local, smaller growers at farmer’s markets; joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) team; eating at restaurants that focus on local produce and products.

These are not simply quaint “hippy” livelihoods, but serve a very real solution, for all of us, to a climate-change issue that cannot be fixed, but requires this adjustment.

As if to bolster my “doh” moment, a few days later I read this in the Los Angeles Times: “Standing in a brown field that would normally be smothered in several feet of snow, Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday ordered cities and towns across California to cut water use by 25% as part of a sweeping set of mandatory drought restrictions, the first in state history… It came on the day that water officials measured the lowest April 1 snowpack in more than 60 years of record-keeping in the Sierra Nevada. Emphasizing that the drought could persist, Brown said Californians must change their water habits. ‘It’s a different world,’ he said. ‘We have to act differently.’”

What Is In the 7-page MPLS Green Guide?

I have boiled down the insights of McKibben’s book in a few pages that includes:

  • a reminder, for those of us who have been sleeping, about what climate change is irrevocably doing;
  • the connection of McKibben’s insights to what we have experienced with weather impact in just the past year;
  • solutions McKibben offered — how we make a true impact by shifting our mindset toward locally grown food.
  • a user-friendly list of 2016 Minneapolis farmer’s markets, categorized by day

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Click here for the guide: 2016 MPLSGreen E-Guide: Food

2016 Minneapolis Farmer’s Markets

2016 Farmer’s Markets (click for downloadable PDF page)

Linden Hills farmer's market produce



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