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The Visibility Cloak: Creating Collective Attention

At an April 19 “Sustainable We” forum, the topic was how we make the invisible visible. Discussion leaders included Sarah Super of Break the Silence, who gives voice to rape survivors partly by telling her own story… Kathleen Schuler of Healthy Legacy, who works to reduce dangerous toxins in the home… and Shalini Gupta of Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy,…


Thriving in a Land of No Waste

— Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac, 1949 It is a romantic notion that all the elements of our world are interconnected, as Wisconsin author Aldo Leopold captured in his 1949 ode to our ecology. But, it is also an accurate notion. This is, after all, how the cycles of our world have survived, century…


When People Make Toxic Tides Shift

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  ― Margaret Mead In 2002, the Denver-based insulation company Johns Manville decided that the science (and market) around the dangers of formaldehyde were too strong to ignore, and it stopped using the chemical to make insulation. At the…


Four Points on the Interconnected Web of “Sustainable We”

In the last four days I’ve been inspired by four different but related Minneapolis conversations that reiterate why MPLS Green is the movement of a network that doesn’t even realize yet that it is a network. MPLS Green is titled as much for Minneapolis green initiatives as it is for the informal tagline, Minneapolis: Progressive, Livable,…

Pope Francis

Why I’m Tired of the Climate Change Discussion

By Sophia Morrissette, 16, Minneapolis, as Pope Francis prepares his talk to U.S. Congress As a teenager, I’m tired of talking about climate change. At school, I’ve seen An Inconvenient Truth about 20 times and done a project on polar bears or renewable energy sources almost every year. We’re taught that blasting hot or cool…

Kennedy-Nixon Debate 1960

Sustainable We: A Conversation

As I noted in last month’s introductory “Sustainable We” column for the Southwest Journal, “We are better served by having the educated, aware, thoughtful and passionate individuals we have in Minneapolis who want to do the right thing in a better way than we are now.” But… what do we do when views clash about what our future should be?…


Co-creating a Smart, Sustainable We

taken by Metro Blooms’ Rich Harrison at Minnesota State Fair Exo-Experience I wrote in my new Sustainable We column in Southwest Journal about the inspirational people I am interviewing who are building a stronger environment in Minneapolis. I have been impressed by the individual drive of: landlord Tim Springer to lead a more progressive attitude in real estate ownership; City…

Citizens Climate Lobby participants from Minnesota were among 800 who spoke in 500 Congressional offices in June 2015.

My Conversion: A Story of Al Gore, Mayor Hodges and the Pope

Whose Job Is It to Take Action on the Climate? by Mikki Morrissette, founder, As a young girl growing up in Prior Lake, Minnesota, I was biking distance to the Franciscan Retreat House. At the time, it was almost the only thing behind our house other than a handful of homes, lots of trees,…

The sustainable design going up at Edison High School in Northeast Minneapolis Summer 2015 (photo: AWH Architect Alex Haecker)

Minneapolis Sustainable Design: Where Is It?

As I consciously and slowly build the smart content on MPLS Green to network and build awareness of Minneapolis sustainable design in its interlocking parts, I’m having interesting conversations with many architects, designers and entrepreneurs. I’m also learning of the eco-village communities that are growing in other parts of the world, like Malaysia. More to…

Midwest flood

Why Farmer’s Markets Are Important

excerpt from “Why Local Food Is Vital,” by MPLSGreen founder Mikki Morrissette On a recent Saturday afternoon, I sat down with an iced vanilla nirvana in my favorite coffeeshop and started reading a 2010 book by Bill McKibben called Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet. Admittedly, I sat down with McKibben’s book…


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