July 5 Celebration!

Toxins — Waste — Design — Energy

Ubuntu — ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’

A Message from Mikki Morrissette:

I am sorry to report that the July 5 “Sustainable We” event will be canceled. We did not get the numbers or diversity I was looking for to have a deeper interdisciplinary, citywide discussion. We have much to celebrate in Minneapolis around sustainability, as the night was designed to promote, and also many important action steps to network around in “non-silo” ways.

I am in discussions for a new date and keynote speaker down the road — not as close to a major holiday. Stay in touch as a subscriber if you want to learn more after that Fall/Winter date is determined.

Mikki Morrissette

P.S. In the meantime, here’s my latest Southwest Journal column, about one of the elements of conversation that is interconnected with everything else.

Former Concept Intro

The needs of a sustainable community are complex. Simple solutions don’t work without smart implementation (i.e., LED street lighting to reduce energy usage in cities like Seattle and New York also cause issues to eyes and sleep patterns if not designed properly). While it can be discouraging to solve one issue only to impact another, that is how our interconnected world works. Which is why our strength is in gathering smart, engaged, problem-solving people together in conversation.

The first “Sustainable We” celebratory event will happen Tuesday, July 5, at Surly Brewery, 6:30-9pm.

This “Sustainable We” citywide event is about bringing together residents — not simply organizations or city leaders — to recognize what we are accomplishing as a community. We will celebrate four local, entrepreneurial teams that are successfully addressing sustainability issues in holistic ways — addressing the value of planet as well as people. We will also come together in group conversation about how to build an even more sustainable network in the coming year.

Who Were to Have Celebrated:

  1. Eureka Recycling — the zero waste network
  2. Carbon Zero Home — the zero energy network
  3. Cooperative Energy Futures — the renewable energy network
  4. Transition Longfellow — the community building network

What can we do to help them? How do they help us?

Co-host: Mikki Morrissette, MPLSGreen.com.

This will be a great evening for our community to band together — not with our individual mission statements — but as a large group of passionate residents who support all efforts to revitalize our interconnected ecosystem.

The “Sustainable We” Series: Season 1

For more on the philosophy behind the “Sustainable We” movement, take a look at my column of the same name in the Southwest Journal.

  • Parks, Pollinators and Pesticides (Growing Things): Are there necessary pesticides? Less toxic solutions? How does the Park Board’s use of pesticides work within the City’s new protection measures for pollinators? Who is regulating our air, water and soil from toxins — and do we trust them? First Unitarian Society (behind Walker Art Center), October 20, 2015. Click to learn results of that conversation.
  • The Life Cycle (Waste): The resources used to keep our products stocked — and the resulting waste. Recycling and composting are not the only answer. What are we doing with repurposed plastics, deconstruction materials, e-waste? Can we change our buying habits? Lake Harriet Spiritual Center (Linden Hills, 44th and Upton), November 16, 2015. Click to learn results of that conversation.
  • Can We Meet Climate Action Goals? (Design): Why do several sustainable designers have little faith that Minneapolis will reach its 2030 Climate Action Plan goals? What is sustainable — energy-wise, health-wise, structure-wise — in our city and housing stock? Fulton Brewery, downtown warehouse district, December 14. Click to learn results of that conversation.
  • Navigating Renewable Energy Options (Energy): What should we know about the developers who want us to subscribe to community solar gardens? What new technologies are coming — or are here — in renewable energies? Gandhi Mahal (Southeast), January 19. Click to learn results of that conversation.
  • Toxic Shock (Community): What toxins are we unwittingly spreading into our communities, and how? What’s in our water? What’s in our air? What’s in our homes? And… how are we brutalizing each other? Click to learn results of that conversation.
Who are the champions we should be supporting and why? What innovative ideas deserve our attention? What don’t we know about what we don’t know?

Yet to Come

We all do better when we all do better. — Paul Wellstone

  • The impact of the new toxins act (and how community awareness can step in where legislation/regulation fails)
  • Community building
  • Achievement gap

— Mikki Morrissette, owner of Be-Mondo Publishing, creator of MPLSGreen.com and the “Sustainable We” forums