Kids Tackle Oil

The Royalton Youth Energy Summit (YES!) Team learned that one quart of used motor oil, when not disposed of correctly, can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water. They wondered what happens to that used oil?

Once upon a time that oil was dumped on gravel roads to keep dust down — but that is environmentally unsound, so what is the new solution? One of the youth members of Royalton YES did research and made contact with St. Cloud-based East Side Oil Companies (ESOC), which had a public drop-off recycling program. The Royalton youth team did the groundwork to create their own ESOC drop-off site, which became a source of revenue from donations for future projects.

With the success of this program, two other YES! teams in nearby communities created their own drop-off sites.

In turn, ESOC implemented a “5 cents for YES” program in which 5 cents is donated for every gallon of waste oil collected from account holders. It also works with service stations, dealers and trucking companies that want to sell waste oil, giving a donation of 5 cents a gallon to YES!


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