Minneapolis Recycling Guide

TechDumpstash2Spring and fall are peak times for cleaning and purging. I brought three boxes of old wires and electronics to TechDump this week, and have emptied drawers and closets of 10 bags of clothing donated to Goodwill.

But what about those other items that we know should not go in the landfill? Where should they go instead?

Hennepin County has created a Green Guide for handy disposal information. Click each link for detailed information.


in working condition can be donated to the Habitat for Humanity Restore or the Salvation Army. Hennepin County Drop-off Facilities accept appliances for recycling for $15 per appliance.

Artificial Christmas trees

can be donated to Arc’s Value Village or Goodwill from October 1 to December 24.


can be recycled in drop-off containers at some libraries, city halls and community centers throughout Hennepin County.

Clothing and shoes

in good condition can be donated to a thrift store.

DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray discs

can be donated to Arc’s Value Village, the Salvation Army or a local thrift store. They can also be recycled at a Hennepin County drop-off facility.

Electrical cords and holiday and string lights

can be recycled at drop-off locations through the Recycle your Holidays program and are also accepted at Hennepin County drop-off facilities.


are accepted for recycling by some manufacturers and retailers.


such as bug sprays and weed killer, are hazardous and should be brought to a Hennepin County drop-off facility.


can be recycled at a participating PaintCare retailer drop-off site or Hennepin County drop-off facility.

Yard and tree waste

can be dropped off at a compost site or composted in your backyard. Some waste haulers offer pick-up service for yard waste.



Another item I have sitting in back of car waiting to dispose of properly are Medicines, which can contain harmful chemicals and thus should be deposited in a dropbox in the lobby of a public safety facility. For Minneapolis that location is:

Hennepin County Public Safety Facility, 401 Fourth Avenue South, Minneapolis 55415, Hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

discardedlightbulbsLight Bulbs

also have to be disposed of carefully, especially those containing mercury. The fluorescent home bulbs can be brought to select hardware stores (though I noticed the list includes a hardware store that closed at least four years ago) and drop-off facilities in Brooklyn Park and Bloomington. Check the Green Guide images to learn which of your discarded bulbs are fluorescent. (Broken ones need to be placed in plastic bag.)

Incandescent, halogen and LED lights may be put in garbage.


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