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A large part of the MPLS Green movement going into 2016 will involve Minneapolis youth — who are often smarter than the adults in recognizing the importance of sustainability values to live by.

If you want to be part of our youth reporting staff, use the Contact form to learn more.

In the meantime, our library of articles written by Minneapolis youth includes:


Eureka Reycling Dylan

YOUTH: How animals and rain are smarter than we are

by Dylan Morrissette, 6th grade, Minneapolis When I was a 2nd grader, I learned about the water cycle. The sun heats the ocean and makes the water evaporate as “vapor” into the air. As it rises, it begins to cool, and sometimes forms clouds. The droplets in these clouds can become heavy enough to fall…


TechDump: The Electronic Waste Land

During a recent visit to TechDump‘s St. Paul location, 17-year-old Julian and 11-year-old Dylan got a tour by CEO Amanda LaGrange. She offered a snapshot of what the company does with massive mounds of e-waste, and why. Older models especially used more precious minerals in its larger components. Step 1: Collection Residents can drop off electronic waste at…

Pope Francis

Why I’m Tired of the Climate Change Discussion

By Sophia Morrissette, 16, Minneapolis, as Pope Francis prepares his talk to U.S. Congress As a teenager, I’m tired of talking about climate change. At school, I’ve seen An Inconvenient Truth about 20 times and done a project on polar bears or renewable energy sources almost every year. We’re taught that blasting hot or cool…


Where Does Garbage Go in Minneapolis?

by Dylan Morrissette, going into 6th grade, Anthony Middle School Because my mom created this website, and because my sister works with Cool Planet Minnesota to learn about climate change, I know how much work we have to do to help keep our planet healthy. Right now it is pretty sick — pollution in…

Garbage by Type (EPA)

YOUTH: Cool Ideas to Reuse Garbage

by Dylan Morrissette, entering 6th grade, Anthony Middle School Did you know that with just newspaper, rolled up paper bags and special glue I made a wolf head, thanks to the May Day workshops put on by The Heart of the Beast? I’ve also been a spider and a Chinese dragon. My sister has been a bird…

Southwest High School, Minneapolis, under construction

School Costs: Energy Use and Air Quality

School costs for energy are second only to personnel costs as the leading draw on K-12 school district operating budgets. Schools spend approximately $75 per student on gas bills and $130 per student on electricity each year… By implementing energy efficiency measures, many K-12 schools have been able to reduce energy costs by as much…

The sustainable design going up at Edison High School in Northeast Minneapolis Summer 2015 (photo: AWH Architect Alex Haecker)

Spotlight: Edison High School

After Kevin Reich was elected to the Minneapolis City Council in 2009 for Ward 1 (Northeast), he noticed while walking his dog that there were four different lawn care services and four jurisdictions maintaining, in isolation, adjacent youth-oriented properties: Hennepin County Library, YMCA, Edison High School, and some open green park area. He was also…

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How to Plant for Bees

submitted by Dylan M., 5th grader, Whittier International There is a Dr. Smart (that is his real name!) who works as a researcher at the Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota. He is making a blood test for honeybees that helps people figure out if bees are getting the right nutrition. The lab is…

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Kids Tackle Oil

The Royalton Youth Energy Summit (YES!) Team learned that one quart of used motor oil, when not disposed of correctly, can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water. They wondered what happens to that used oil? Once upon a time that oil was dumped on gravel roads to keep dust down — but that is environmentally unsound,…


City Recycling and Composting Grants and Updates

There are many important news items about recycling and composting opportunities in Minneapolis this spring. Read on…. You Must Opt In for Organic Pickup in 2015 Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling customers will have an organics recycling option starting in 2015 – 2016. Rollout will take place in two phases: 25 percent of customers will have…


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