RESULTS Sustainable We #2: The Life Cycle of Waste


Composting and recycling aren’t the only answers to the waste of our consumption habits. What resources are used in creating our products? What are we sending into the air and soil despite current efforts? Who has healthier options for us to consider?

Our city-wide series of “Sustainable We” conversations  continued November 16 with a group discussion at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community center in Linden Hills about Minneapolis garbage.

Flyer2Community participants in the discussion included the founder of Junket: Tossed and Found… a consultant for Better Futures deconstruction… Linden Hills Power & LightEast Isles Green TeamBridging, which connects re-use furnishings with families transitioning out of homelessness and poverty… Carbon Zero Home (re-furbishing older homes with new energy efficiency)… Effect Partners (sustainability marketing at a national scale)… and three young men from Lake Harriet Middle School working on a GISE project to repurpose sneakers.

Co-host Maisy Martin is a senior on the Southwest High School Green Team.

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About the “Sustainable We” 9-Part Series

“We are well served by having the educated, aware, thoughtful and passionate individuals we have in Minneapolis who want to collectively do in a better way. How are we designing a sustainable environment together?”

  • Parks, Pollinators and Pesticides: Are there necessary pesticides? Less toxic solutions? Who is regulating our air, water and soil from toxins — and do we trust them? First Unitarian Society, October 20, 2015. Click for insights from the event.
  • Can We Meet Climate Action Goals?: Why do several sustainable designers have little faith that Minneapolis will reach its 2030 Climate Action Plan goals? What is sustainable — energy-wise, health-wise, structure-wise — in our city and housing stock? Are we overbuilding with impermeable sites? Fulton Brewery, downtown warehouse district, December 14. Click for details.
  • Navigating Renewable Energy Options: What should we know about the developers who want us to subscribe to community solar gardens? Why doesn’t the new Vikings stadium we’re paying for have solar panels? What new technologies are coming — or are here — in renewable energies? Click for details.
  • Coming: Toxic Shock — What toxins are we unwittingly spreading into other communities, and how?
  • Coming: Building Community: How has Longfellow built a sustainable community that connects with each other? Why is Prospect Park trying to do the same? Can we build dense, multifamily units, while keeping locals happy with the resulting changes? Can we develop affordable multigenerational spaces for larger families, not simply for young professionals?
  • Being a Sustainable We (Design): What do young residents wish adults in the city would get off their butts and do differently? Culminating event of highlights, calls to action, connection building — and Recognitions for sustainable leaders in our community! Surly Brewery, June 27

Future Topics

  • Our Food Habits (Growing Things): Why should we buy locally grown food? What does organic food have to do with climate change? And, solutions for food waste.
  • Creativity With Garbage (Waste): What creative things can be done with with our garbage? Why should we reduce our garbage?

All forums are held in different areas of the city, and are co-hosted by a young adult.

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