U.S. Packaging Is Woefully Unsustainable

capri-sun-pouchAs consumers we can do much more to pressure companies to adhere to better recycling policies — specifically in the way they package their products.

Here’s a snippet from a good overview of the problem (and the U.S. lags woefully behind Europe in this):

Forty-seven companies were analyzed; “none,” the report found, “are doing enough to make their packaging more sustainable.” An analysis of street litter in four Bay Area cities found that half was from fast food restaurants; Starbucks is the only company in the sector to have committed to front-of-house recycling. In the beverage sector, the use of non-recyclable packaging of children’s drinks, such as Capri Sun from Kraft, is on the increase; furthermore, “most brands support neither a container deposit nor an EPR (extended producer responsibility) scheme to boost recycling.”

And in the consumer packaged goods and grocery sector, “Use of flexible packaging is growing swiftly, with no apparent strategy by companies that produce it or brands that use it to make it recyclable.”

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